Yes, Your Game Can Make Money

We have options to create multiple revenue streams for your game. You can decide what’s right for you and your game.

Direct Sales

List the game for a flat rate fee. Launch on Steam or with a console partnership. This approach may be more difficult for new developers, but it is possible.

This method is often underestimated. The vast majority of all software is subscription based. A free trial can get a new project a head start building their community.

Alternative pricing models are available.

F2P – Advertising

Advertising can be very profitable if done properly. Avoid display ads in the game itself and instead play a video ad between levels or restarting. They are far less annoying and relevant ads can find the right customers.

Free and paid games with a large following can generate a substantial profit from digital goods. Consider limited items with a resale fee. It can generate far more income than a single sale.

Like it or not, this is happening. Triple A game studios stand to lose a large amount of their profit if gamers become the game owners. You can check for yourself by looking at the earnings reports of public companies. Blockchain will eventually put that money in the hands of the developers and gaming community.